Hylyne Poultry Farm Ltd: A Leader in St. Lucia’s poultry industry

Hylyne Poultry Farm
Hylyne Poultry Farm

Fleming James opened Hylyne Poultry Farm Ltd. in 2000 with about 15 members of staff. Sixteen years later, the poultry processing plant, located in Morne du Don, employs 36 people and supplies 50% of the local quota approved by the Governent.

Mr. Fleming James
Mr. Fleming James

Hylyne’s product is unparalleled – the plant sources 100% locally grown chicken from 25 local farmers and sells only chicken that is completely chemical-free, raised with no antibiotics, no growth hormones and no animal protein.
“When it comes to quality, we stand out – number one,” says James, who runs the plant with his sons, Peter James and Marlon James.

Imported chicken simply cannot compare with the freshness and quality of the local chicken Hylyne offers.

“It’s a much healthier product – no two ways about it,” James says.

Chicken, the most common type of poultry in the world, is a reliable source of protein and a popular staple in the St. Lucian diet. Across the globe, it is particularly popular among fitness enthusiasts and people trying to lose weight, because it is full of lean protein and it is lower in saturated fat and cholesterol than red meat, such as beef, pork and lamb.

Hylyne sells both fresh and frozen chicken, and serves both the wholesale and retail markets. Though Hylyne supplies a lengthy list of wholesale clients, the company is also readily available to serve individual customers and it sees a lot of daily walk-in traffic.

“Anybody who walks in will be accommodated,” James says.
The plant’s current wholesale clients include CPJ, Crown Foods, KFC, Peter & Company, Massy Stores, Erolines supermarkets, and Goddard’s Catering Group, which provides airline catering, meaning, yes, St. Lucian chicken is even being served at 30,000 feet in the air on international flights.

So far, the support for Hylyne has been there and the feedback has been positive. And clearly, the word about what Hylyne offers is spreading among consumers. “Almost every day I see a new person,” James says.


Still, he is looking forward to what the future brings. “There’s a lot of scope for growth,” he says.

Recently, James has been talking with representatives of the high-end Soufriere resorts Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain about Hylyne becoming their chicken supplier. He’s also looking forward to negotiations with the government about implementing a recently approved required 40% market share for local poultry.

Without a doubt, Hylyne offers a superior product compared with the imported alternative – fresh, locally grown, no antibiotics, no growth hormones, no animal protein – who can beat that?

The choice to buy Hylyne chicken is clear-cut – not only is it a healthier, higher quality meat for you to eat, but buying Hylyne chicken also supports a St. Lucian, family-owned and operated business and supports 25 St. Lucian farmers and their families, meaning every cent of your Hylyne purchase goes back into the St. Lucian economy.

James appreciates every single one of Hylyne’s customers and encourages St. Lucia’s residents to support the country’s local industries because, to put it simply, “If we don’t, who will?” ¤

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