RG Group of Companies Backed by Women….Built Strong!

Established in 1995, the RG Group of Companies, owned and operated by Rayneau Gadjahar has become a leader in the construction industry, providing products and services to meet the building and construction needs of clients in Saint Lucia and the throughout the Caribbean region. Its rapid and continued growth over the past 22 years has made RG Group of Companies well positioned to meet the industry’s demands. Recognized as the largest locally-owned construction company in Saint Lucia with over 800 employees and more than 200 pieces of heavy equipment, the group is well positioned as a leader in Saint Lucia’s Construction Industry. With a current vision to be the most professional, innovative and dynamic construction group in St. Lucia and the Caribbean, the RG Group of companies has dominated the industry and grown from strength to strength. This strength, growth and success has been recognized both locally and regionally with a slew of awards under their belt including: Saint Lucia’s Business Award Idea of the Year and Entrepreneur of the year (in 2010 and 2011 respectively), the Caribbean Business Award for “Small to Middle Caribbean Business of the Year” in 2011(CIE Ltd), World Quality Commitment Paris 2012 Gold award (RG Quarry), The ARCH of Europe Platinum award 2012 (CIE Ltd.), Platinum Century International Quality ERA Award 2013), International award for Excellence and business prestige – platinum winner 2014 and in 2015 they won in the International Star for Leadership in Quality – diamond Summit Award from Paris.

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 10.45.34 AM Having built the company from the ground up, Rayneau’s drive, perseverance and natural business acumen have fueled his monumental growth within the construction industry. A simple and humble man, Rayneau’s focus has been more on developing the business as opposed to showcasing wealth. In building the company from two Bobcat excavators to a multi-million dollar business, he credits his team for their contribution, commitment and hard work. With profound accolades for the contribution of his male team members, he acknowledges that surprisingly, the women have been the true backbone of his business which is a traditionally male centric industry. Starting with Rayneau’s mother, who has been a critical part of his motivation to succeed, Rayneau dotes on his mother who has inspired him and instilled some of the values that have been important in his rise to success. While the women in his life may not be on the various construction sites every day, they are key to his success in managing a number of areas within the business that are critical to its continued existence and growth. They provide the structure and management of the business and implement processes to ensure that Rayneau continues to grow and succeed.

Leading Rayneau’s female support group is Rashree ‘Navita’ Jarbandon and their two daughters Gifta Eugene and Savvy Plummer who have become an integral part of the business and whom he credits as the secret to his success, along with his sister Luceita Gadjahar, as Director and the many other female managers, supervisors and employees. With a cadre of multi-talented, formidable women at various levels within the organization from finance and business development to Sales & Marketing and general management, the proficiency, commitment and dedication exemplified has been a major contributor to the business’s accelerated growth.

Rayneau Group of Companies is multi-faceted, comprising a number of independent business units which have emerged over the life of the business. Having a vertically integrated company was a vision that evolved over time and one that has enabled RG Group Ltd. to become self- sufficient and one of the most proficient constructions companies as a result.

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1. The Flagship Store – Rayneau Construction and Industrial Products Ltd. (RCIP) established in October 2012, is a 48,000 sq. footage “One Stop Hardware and Home Improvement Store”. An arm of RG Group of Companies, the store is also home to the largest lumber yard on the island complete with a full range of its company-owned quarry aggregates. Up to the present, the major focus has been on providing construction and industrial solutions that are in demand, affordable and safe, with the next phase of RCIP’s evolution being the enhancement of the home improvement section and the expansion of hardware outlets in smaller communities. The end of 2017 will see the completion of the largest hardware store in Saint Lucia, and what is to be the new, cutting edge flagship store in Cul De Sac for Rayneau Commercial and Industrial Products.

2. RG Quarry – A fully functioning quarry in Cul De Sac was developed in 1998 as part of the vertical integration strategy of supplying their own needs to ensure timely delivery of quality products for successful execution of the core construction works. Emanating from the quarry are a number of products including: Boulders, pea Gravel, crusher run, quarry waste, concrete sand, mixed aggregate and various other end use applications. In fulfilling the goal of supplying all of their own necessary inputs required by the group of Companies, the establishment of this business enabled RG Group to supply more than just their own business units and extend service to the wider construction industry in Saint Lucia. In 2006 RG Quarry also began exporting some of the quarry products throughout the Caribbean to countries such as: of Trinidad, Guyana and Tortola, to name a few.

3. Heavy Equipment Rental – Construction and Industrial Equipment (CIE) is another subsidiary of the RG group providing a wide array of heavy equipment for rent. With over 200 machines available for rental on a regular basis, CIE has cornered the market and has dominated the construction industry with quality equipment, service and competitive pricing.

4. Financing Construction – General Contractors within Saint Lucia are one of RG Group’s major market segments. This group of small businessmen sometimes struggle to get initial funding for projects, and out of this need was born an idea to support and service these contractors through financing. This has been invaluable for the contractors who in most cases are not given the full cost of construction up front and do not have the ability to obtain financing for the duration of the project. Rayneau therefore offers easy and hassle-free construction financing solutions for various projects at 0% interest rate. This business initiative has been mutually beneficial for the contractors and for Rayneau, as the contractors receive much needed financing on a wide range of construction products and large equipment rental in order to keep their projects on track and on time. This has further given Rayneau a competitive advantage as he has stepped ’outside of the box’ in searching for a solution to meet the needs of this market segment. ¤

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