The Leading Ladies of CIE Ltd

Rashree Navita Jarbandon
Navita Jarbandon, considered by many to be the woman behind Rayneau’s success joined the company in 2001, after completing her studies at the University of the West Indies. Although not her first option in terms of entering the work force, she joined the team and soon became the leading lady at the RG Group.
Navita’s expertise in the company spans all departments where she takes on responsibilities such as: new computer programs, establishing new systems & structures, setting up of new companies, plays a major role in the accounts department and contributes to the marketing and advertising. Having grown with the business, Navita has a firm grasp of the all operations of the business and is motivated to support Rayneau, the staff and the brand that has been established. Highly motivated to ensure that the Rayneau group of companies continues to deliver at the highest level and experience exponential growth, this remarkable woman is the backbone of the company while she encourages Rayneau to continue to be the visionary that he is.
With such an appreciation for the journey that has been traversed, recognizing the hard work and struggle that came before, Navita is excited about the future and all that is in store for RG Group as she believes the opportunities are unlimited for anyone who is part of the team and for the business as a whole.

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 10.54.45 AMGifta Eugene
Gifta Eugene entered the company in 2008 as a teenager from Leon Hess Secondary School. She started out in the field but was quickly transferred to the office as she learned quickly and excelled.
Gifta has worked at every company within the RG Group of Companies, including the Vieux Fort Branch, and has succeeded in learning the various aspects of the business.
For the past two years Gifta has been responsible for a wide range of duties including: conducting the daily transactions of the company with regards to purchasing from other suppliers and general accounting duties. Within the accounting department Gifta prides herself on being meticulous and ensuring that the company’s finances are well protected through constant scrutiny of invoices, payments and cheques. Her commitment to the business is beyond reproach and her support for her father knows no bounds as she sees the future for RG Group and it sure looks bright.

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 10.56.21 AMSavvy Plummer
Savvy grew up around construction with her dad, and from an early age and was captivated by the construction industry. Although, she officially started working at the company in 2014, she would frequent the various construction sites on a regular basis. Her current position one would probably say is supervisor of operations. But like many other workers at the company Savvy is involved in many different aspects of the business.
Not letting gender define her roles, Savvy has explored many of the traditional male jobs within the business. Her ability to operate heavy equipment, drive trucks and trailers is very intriguing to many who observe her. Savvy loves the attention and says many girls have asked her how she can manage such big vehicles.
Savvy loves her job and the work she carries out within the business. Highly motivated by the hard work and success of her father, she strives every day to contribute to the business in a meaningful way to ensure that her father’s hard work does not go to waste. With a goal to be like her father (or even better), Savvy wants to focus on every part of the company so that she can get a good idea of how the business is run. Her goal is to one day take over from her father so that he can take a back seat, relax and enjoy life.

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 10.57.42 AMLucita Gajadhar
Referred to by Rayneau as his silent partner, Lucita Gajadhar is one of Rayneau’s older siblings and is a director for the RG Group of companies who provides a level of sound judgement, objectivity and common sense in her support of the business. Lucita sees her role as working in the background to provide core values, accountability, providing constructive criticism, and a listening ear to the team.
Despite limited construction expertise, she has learned the business in its broad context and is able to provide sound corporate governance, balanced decision making abilities and general support to the RG Group of companies.
With a similar philosophy to that of her brother, Lucita believes that running a successful business is rarely about maintaining the status quo, but in seeking continuous improvement, finding better ways of doing things and maintaining and raising standards.

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 10.58.26 AMEsther Blanchard
Esther Blanchard has been with the company for the past fifteen years. Esther is a supervisor and her key duties duties involve purchasing, payables and some level of staff supervision.
Esther grew quickly within the RG Group having been exposed to a number of areas within the business and this has enabled her to multi-task and work more effectively with her colleagues. As a senior staff member, Esther is very mild mannered and is very conscious of her influence over the junior staff – always striving to ensure that she offers the best advice – works hard, is a team player and never gives up. Esther believes that her contribution over the years has garnered the trust of Rayneau which led to her becoming a supervisor leading some of the younger staff.
With a strong team leader in Rayneau and a strong team, Esther is convinced that the RG. Group of Companies can continue to be the best there is in Saint Lucia and the Caribbean.

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 10.59.02 AMGlenis Remi
Glenis Remi, a former manager of a touring company took the bold step in 2013 to work with RG Group. Her work is centered on Rayneau Construction and Industrial Products Ltd. She is involved with inventory, purchasing for overseas and local suppliers, receiving, verifying of GRNs and costing to input into the system. She takes care of company accounts which have to be reconciled on a monthly basis, verifies invoices against costings, verifies GRNs upon receipt; along with many other such accounting functions.
With a passion for accuracy and driven to achieve results, Glenis is of the firm view that her contribution to the success of the company lies in giving of her best. Her work at RG Groups is very diverse, which keeps life interesting. Glenis believes that the work she does with her team members should enable the company to continue to grow from strength to strength.

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 11.00.07 AMNady Jn Paul
Nady is young, energetic and a self-driven employee of CIE Ltd hailing from the town of Vieux Fort.
She began her employment with the company in September of 2011 with a focus on various aspects of the accounts department from auditing, some payroll, insurance of motor vehicles and all equipment, , receivables and data entry. She classifies herself as an all-rounder, also taking responsibility for leave and on the job injuries.
Through her motivation, passion and goals, Nady ensures that she gets things done and makes things happen. She has gained experience from the many colleagues at RG Group and is convinced that the entire team is the secret to the group’s success.
The future of the company looks great. Nady says, as she sees expansion on the horizon and expanding the existing team to be bigger and stronger will be the key to the company’s success

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 11.00.40 AMShakira Reddock
Shakira Reddock has been with the company from 2006 and believes that she has made a tremendous contribution and simultaneously learned from the best. Doing a bit of everything within the accounts department has made her well rounded touching on many areas such as inventory, auditing, data entry, sales and payments and some purchasing.
Shakira attributes her motivation to seeing the progress of the company and seeing satisfied customers. She is very passionate about customer service and strongly believes that her efforts towards this and improving on customer’s service as a whole within the business have been a key factor in the company’s rise to success.
With a Team Leader like Mr., Gajadhar success is inevitable and the strength and growth of the team will also contribute to enhancing and growing the business both in Saint Lucia and the Caribbean.

Primneau Gajadhar
Another of Rayneau’s sisters, affectionately known as Prim, played a role in his success as she started off with him in the initial days during the opening of one of his earlier companies – Superior Motors. Responsible for setting up the office and managing the office, Primneau played an integral role in getting the business of the ground and its operations – which was a major stepping stone to where Rayneau sits today.

Patricia Timothy
Patricia is Rayneau’s eldest sister and worked with the company during the period 2005 to 2010. Patricia feels that the impact of her contribution towards the company has left an indelible mark. Through the introduction of training, disciplinary procedures and staff morale building, she was able to infuse a level of professionalism into the company.
In general, Rayneau’s eldest sister has been a constant source of support throughout his entire life and has been an all-round contributor to the business from the onset.

Esther Joseph
Esther has been a fundamental support staff at the RG Quarry for the last 10 years. She has been a trustworthy sales clerk who handles the customer’s queries with the utmost of professionalism. Her consistency and commitment have been a source of comfort for Rayneau as he knows that the operations of the Quarry are in good hands.

Christa Joseph
Christa works at the sales office and her duties mainly revolve around data entry, handling sales, making recommendations, and providing information to customers about the company’s products. Christa focuses on providing good and reliable customer service and providing the right solutions to customers. This has helped to maintain the customer base, subsequently contributing to the overall success of the quarry.

Zam Riviere
Zam is an engineering technician who started working with the company in April 2015. By helping create a positive ,co-operative , safe and orderly work environment, Zam believes that work on the construction site runs more smoothly and enhances the professional image of the company to its clients and by extension the wider community. It is this work ethic that has led her to become site manager on the Royalton site – moving up quickly within the business in terms of level of responsibility.


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