‘Tis the season

Deck the halls ‘tis Christmas! As most businesses get in the festive mood and prepare to ring in a new year, it is easy to become side tracked with the constant demands during this period and lose sight of the security aspects of their business. In between gift shopping, office decorating and deadlines to close off yet another challenging year, one should address the security and safety aspects of operations, so it can be business as usual.

Here are some helpful tips to keep you abreast of current trends and help usher in a new year in a safe way. Decorations can be pretty difficult too!

  • Christmas trees are beautiful especially when decorated. However, they can easily be set on fire due to intense heat from lights or faulty decorations can cause breaks in wiring. Remember to water them (for live ones) and switch off/unplug the outlet when not in use.
  • Ensure trees aren’t blocking exits or touching overhead lights. It may even be necessary to trim trees after purchase.
  • All decorations especially lighting should be checked by an Electrician.
  • Suitable fire safety equipment like extinguishers or sand pails should be in hand if the unthinkable should occur.
  • Rid the office of worn out decorations. It is cheaper and safer to replace.
  • Never overload outlets.
  • Ensure extension cords are tangle free and safely placed to avoid a tripping hazard.

Security is also an important area. Some persons are known to work longer hours to meet deadlines during this time and most predators are aware of these practises. They also believe that end of year equates stacks of cash stored in office. Note these helpful tips to keep thieves from preying on tired and absentminded employees.

  • Invest in motion-sensor outdoor lighting if not already installed as it tends to get darker at an earlier time, at this time of year.
  • Park your vehicle closer to the building exit for easier access on departure.
  • Try not to leave your car unlocked while loading your vehicle as someone can easily jump in without your knowledge.
  • Avoid using your mobile phone while locking up as this distraction can put your life at risk.
  • Don’t forget to always set your burglar alarm. Setting a reminder on your phone can also guarantee you remember to perform this task.
  • Don’t keep more cash then necessary in your office and secure in a safe or access controlled room to minimise threat level.

Do enjoy the season and keep safe!

About the Author:

Kezia Preville is the Business Development Manager at Regional Fire & Security Ltd which operates offices based in St. Lucia, Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago; the location of its parent company. She currently manages the St. Lucia office and can be contacted on info.stl@1rfsgroup.com or (758) 451-3473 for more information

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