Travel Saint Lucia: A Millennial’s Playbook

By: Kezia Preville

It can be agreed that Tourism is the main driving force behind Saint Lucia’s economic stability. Proudly amassing numerous accolades over the years, the island paradise is especially known as one of the most romantic destinations. Couples flock the tiny island to say “I do” in picturesque Pigeon Island National Landmark, capturing the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean as their backdrop. Awesome right? The atmosphere seems to spell out love and romance and creates a great wedding destination.  Some say it’s something in the air; whatever it is, Saint Lucia has it!

Whether arriving by land, sea, air or enjoying a staycation (always a choice for us homegrown folk), there is something for everyone. Adventure seekers find solace in the welcoming deep blue seas, diving the exotic waters off Anse Cochon Bay for example, or exploring nature with an aerial view of the forest on the world class zip-line down in Dennery.

History buffs delve into the country’s vibrant past and fair Helen does her best to keep her rich history alive through colourful and animated Carnival activities, Creole Day festivities and Nobel Laureates Week Celebrations honouring our two distinguished laureates Sir Arthur Lewis and Sir Derek Walcott. For a land bursting with cultural exuberance, creativity and always beaming with activities throughout the year, Saint Lucia is a true melting pot of excellence and a wondrous haven for every type of visitor.

But what about the millennials?

The technological buffs who feed off likes and spend the better part of the vacation getting the best selfie. How does the largest generation with disposable income, match up to what we offer as an island paradise?

No, not a trick question. A sincere one.

Would these so-called trendsetters enjoy the likes of a five-star resort with 3-wall rooms facing the World Heritage Pitons?

The answer is simply ‘yes’ but they don’t necessarily want too. Millennials are curious in nature and love living life through numerous experiences – the quirkier the better. Not only do they have the income, but through their technological prowess, they would have done thorough research before booking any trip. If something is not as advertised, they would be the first to post their dislike. On a typical day, a millennial could easily enjoy the view of the Pitons, book a hike then drive over to the world’s only drive in volcano, the Sulphur Springs, for a tour and a mineral-fueled mud bath before heading to the Diamond Falls. And they wouldn’t be finished yet! These adrenaline junkies would still have time for a sunset cruise that evening before heading to the Gros Islet Street Party to get loose and enjoy authentic Saint Lucian dishes (a big plus here) and music. Unlike the older generations, millennials would cram as much into their short vacation as possible and fill up their social media feeds with numerous cute vacation photos (more so to distress colleagues left behind). The more remote and adventurous the activity the better, so kite flying and sky diving would be way up on the list. More bang for their buck!

What about our untouched, unplugged life style? Could they survive in the quaint villas carved into the very mountains offering quiet walks on the beach under the starlit night – no filter needed?

Now that’s a tricky one I must admit.

Getting a millennial to unplug isn’t that easy (I am proudly in the club so can relate). The philosophy is get the most out of life. This would mean more time to see the world, as you only live once. Don’t forget a varied cuisine and they will have no complaints! Work life balance is easier to manage for them, but they need to keep in the loop at all times – not wanting to miss a moment ever! Most often returning from a vacation means needing another vacation to recharge for the real world.

For millennials, staying connected is as essential as breathing, so keep them happy, don’t block the Wi-Fi signal!

Simply put, Saint Lucia is a haven for millennials and it ticks all the right boxes – a great online presence, updated and engaging social media platforms, and remote and unusual adventure seeking activities, that keep them coming back for more. ¤

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