Why Is Alignment Key To Your Leadership Team Success?

By: Olivier Bottois

Functional leadership teams are “aligned”.

Not only do they work together and commit to the same goals, all team members clearly understand the company culture, goals and priorities. They proactively support each other and focus on what is most important.

As a start, understanding and supporting the culture is critical to being successful and aligned as a team. Ownership defines the culture and leaders can only be successful if they embrace it.

Leadership team alignment is critical to the long term success of any organisation. Leaders are able to challenge each other and hold each other accountable.

Aligned teams are functional and organized. They are disciplined and structured, stay in alignment by holding regular meetings with defined agendas and ensuring timely communication. They contribute and bring up solutions when needed, share responsibility and accountable.

Being open and truthful is key.

Of course team members usually have different backgrounds, styles and personalities so teams are not always aligned especially when the team is forming. However if they support each other and able to debate to reach a consensus, they are able to get on track and share one message together.

Not showing unity at leadership level creates chaos and team leaders must be disciplined and show alignment across the organisation from the very top.

The actions of each department supports the others and overall goals of the organisation. Leaders of one department may visit another department meeting as a guest speaker to share their own activities and explain “the why” . . . how it fits with everyone’s goals reinforcing alignment at all levels.

How often do people interview for a new job, get an offer and check what the company culture is and if ownership and management are aligned with the same goals, before accepting the job offer?
Might be a “best practice” moving forward.

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